KYZEN, the global leader in innovative environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries prides themselves on putting customers first. Whether that is creating the highest quality products, providing top-notch accessibility and assistance, or maintaining an understanding of industry changes, KYZEN has you covered. They are  constantly focused on developing the best products and strategies to achieve customer cleaning goals.

A recent potential change that KYZEN has been working diligently to get ahead of is possible traditional solvent removals. In 2020, the EPA under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) issued “Risk Evaluation Reports” for several traditional degreasing solvents including TCE, nPB, Perc and MC. These reports indicated potential health risks to workers and recommended that action be taken to find replacements.

The new guidelines from the EPA are due in two years from official release dates meaning the time is happening now in 2022. They also must release a final ruling that may either restrict or ban the use of these solvents. The time is now to begin preparation and get ahead of these changes. KYZEN has done just that by offering customers alternatives for various industries such as vacuum degreasing alternatives, aqueous cleaning agents, industrial and electronics vapor degreasing alternatives.

There are many choices to consider when it comes to selecting cleaning processes and chemistries. When you don’t know which route to take for solvent replacement, let KYZEN take the wheel and navigate you down the right path.

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KYZEN is a global leader in providing environmentally responsible, RoHS compliant precision cleaning chemistries for industries ranging from electronics and advanced packaging to metal finishing and aerospace applications. Since its founding in 1990, KYZEN’s innovative cleaning technologies, scientific expertise and customer support have been repeatedly recognized with the industry’s most prestigious awards.

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