Fuji America is excited to announce that its service team resources are expanding to support a fast-growing customer base in the southern United States. In order to maintain effective post-sale support, the Fuji service team is setting up shop in Tampa, FL., with Technical Service Engineer Watan Alshakhly (pictured above) taking the helm for operations in Florida.

“With our growing installed base in the southern United States, opening an office in Florida allows us to strengthen our partnership with our customers and respond quickly to all their needs,” says Tony Picciola, Technical Services Manager at Fuji. “From help with preventive maintenance, training staff or assisting with troubleshooting, Fuji is nearby to assist.”

As expansion continues, Fuji expects to address machine service inquiries in the southern US at an increased pace, letting customers in the region maintain profitability as their Fuji machines receive an elevated level of service and care.


About Fuji Corporation
Fuji Corporation is a market-leading supplier of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick & Place solutions, and has designed and manufactured many ground-breaking innovations in the circuit board assembly world. Fuji offers a range of mounting machines, solder printers and production software that can easily integrate into a myriad of manufacturing environments to ensure that equipment runs competitively at all times. Fuji Corporation’s North American Headquarters is located in Vernon Hills, IL, (near Chicago) as well as other North American regional offices.