Insituware LLC, the developer of the first smart measurement solution for quality control of materials, is pleased to announce the company’s five-year anniversary. In 2017, Co-Founders Michael Frederickson and David Tafuna combined their considerable experience in the technology sector to create a business that would disrupt the electronics manufacturing industry.

The innovative venture started in a small laboratory with a small team that began developing the first handheld process control device with the capability to measure materials by performing rapid assessments on location and during use or in situ (meaning “in place”). Starting with the electronics manufacturing industry, this new tool has the ability to measure and take control of materials to prevent defects and improve overall quality in a manufacturing process.

In 2020, Insituware launched this handheld materials quality control tool, the Vision MARK-1. With expandable modules called “Insights,” the Vision MARK-1 can be easily upgraded with new functionality for multiple industries. The Vision MARK-1 currently has the capability to measure whether solder paste and conformal coatings are fit to use before production. With the capability to ensure materials quality control before application in an electronics manufacturing process, the Vision MARK-1 is revolutionizing how companies and everyday people control and measure materials on the factory floor.

Insituware has continued to grow and continuously develop new integrations for the Vision MARK-1 in addition to other new innovations to enable the functionality of nonintrusive sensing for new industries.

At the beginning of 2022, Insituware launched two new innovations for materials quality control and automated materials inspection (AMI): The CC-100 Thickness Tester, and the SM-100 Smart Mixer. The CC-100 Conformal Coating Thickness Tester uses a chromatic confocal measuring principle to accurately determine the thickness of transparent layers in wet or dry conformal coatings. The SM-100 Solder Paste Smart Mixer uses a technique called electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to monitor the chemical reactions occurring within the solder paste during mixing.

“Insituware’s mission is to continue to develop and introduce new materials quality control tools for the industry to help companies assure a world-class electronics manufacturing process,” said CTO Christopher Frederickson.

Insituware is currently enabling OEMs in automotive, aerospace, defense, and medical to take control of their materials, improve manufacturing efficiency, and prevent conformal coating and solder paste-related defects in their application processes. EMS companies are gaining proof of materials control and traceability to validate their product quality to these customers.

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About Insituware LLC
Insituware is an innovative technology company developing novel products to measure materials in the electronics manufacturing industry. Driven by advanced analytical sensors, smart devices, and intelligent cloud-based information, these revolutionary hand-held tools enable rapid, real-time inspection to improve material quality control, increase efficiency, and lower cost.