Viscom AG will present a selection of its latest microfocus X-ray tubes at Control in Stuttgart, Germany. Thanks to their impressive flexibility, a previously unattained spectrum of tasks can now be covered with one and the same X-ray source – from the inspection of small, filigree objects and time-optimized series inspections to the radiography of large and massive components.

 Microfocus X-ray tubes are used in industry, research and development for many demanding measurement tasks – wherever non-destructive and non-contact inspection of optically inaccessible areas is required. In daily use, the transmission, reflection and rod anode tubes from Viscom are particularly impressive with their high stability, compact design, as well as low maintenance need and operating costs. In addition, Viscom offers efficient training, competent hotline support and fast global spare parts supply. International approvals are available for worldwide operation.

Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance, opens its doors from May 3 to 6, 2022. Viscom will be one of the exhibitors at the special show “Non-Contact Measuring Technology” (Booth 6401 in Hall 6), which is organized by the Fraunhofer Vision business unit and has established itself at the trade fair over the years as an innovative and versatile communication platform. The high-performance microfocus X-ray tubes on display – which Viscom has been developing and manufacturing at its campus in Hanover, Germany, for more than 20 years – are distinguished by their wide range of applications in X-ray laboratories or as a component of premium inspection systems. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can typically equip their computer tomographs and X-ray-based coordinate measuring systems with tubes from Viscom.

The small focal spot diameters of the tubes allow the highest resolutions, as and when required. Impressively high acceleration voltages (up to 320 kV) enable optimum penetration of solid objects whose material density or thickness is consequently no obstacle to optimum results. Constant tube operating parameters over a very long time are achieved by automatically adapting the filament heating to the operating conditions and readjusting the electron beam; in addition, the location of the focal spot on the target can be adjusted.

In 3D reconstructions using computed tomography, the high target performance of the microfocus X-ray tubes ensures the rapid provision of inspection results that are accurate in every detail. The number of individual images required corresponds to the ever-increasing computing power of the inspection solutions in which the tubes are used in conjunction with state-of-the-art processors and software algorithms, so that, for example, exact layer images are available for corresponding analyses without unnecessary delays.

Viscom develops and manufactures transmission, reflection and rod anode tubes for many different requirements and applications 

About Viscom
Founded in 1984, Viscom AG is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in the field of assembly inspection within electronics production. With its headquarters and production site in Hanover, Germany, the company develops, produces and sells high-quality inspection systems from the areas of AOI, SPI, AXI, MXI, wire bond inspection as well as conformal coating inspection. The systems developed and manufactured in Hanover set high standards in terms of accuracy and speed. The product range covers the complete spectrum of optical inspection and X-ray inspection for small and medium-sized companies as well as for large series production. Viscom systems are used for 100% automatic inspection of electronic assemblies such as those used in the production of automotive electronics, aerospace technology or in the manufacture of telecommunications electronics.

Product development also focuses on customer-specific system developments and networking with other production processes for smart factory applications. In order to achieve this, Viscom AG increasingly invests in its own software and hardware development which is constantly defining new standards in inspection technology.

International sales are handled by a broad network of its own subsidiaries, application centers, service centers and representatives. A service team of in-house technicians and application specialists commission Viscom systems worldwide, offering maintenance, conversion and modernization from a single source. In addition, system-specific training courses are offered for customers’ operators, programmers and maintenance personnel. Experienced engineers and technicians from the application and service departments share their expert knowledge with participants.

Viscom AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006 (ISIN: DE0007846867).