Insituware LLC, the developer of the first smart measurement solution for quality control of materials, is pleased to announce Christopher Frederickson’s four-year anniversary with the company. Frederickson started out as Insituware’s Lead Engineer, leading the development of the Vision MARK-1, a handheld Android/AOSP device used for quality control of materials.

Today, as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Frederickson oversees all technical development work. This includes software development, hardware development, and materials science research to bring new products to market and support Insituware’s existing products.

“It has been an incredible four years building and introducing these new materials quality control tools to the industry,” commented Frederickson. “Materials are one of the few things on the manufacturing floor without strong quality control processes and I’m glad to be filling this gap.”

Frederickson is on a mission to empower engineers and manufacturers to build better products using data. He works at the intersection of data analytics, materials science, and manufacturing. Frederickson is experienced with full stack web development and hardware development.

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About Insituware LLC
Insituware is an innovative technology company developing novel products to measure materials in the electronics manufacturing industry. Driven by advanced analytical sensors, smart devices, and intelligent cloud-based information, these revolutionary hand-held tools enable rapid, real-time inspection to improve material quality control, increase efficiency, and lower cost.