Seica will attend the IPP Technology Days 2022, we are honored to be present once again alongside our partner IPP at this event in the Flying Probe Test Session. As always these 2 days will combine Technical Presentations and Live Machine Demos.

Seica will showcase Flying Probe solutions and the Pilot and Rapid ranges, showing the Vertical flying probe test system Rapid V8, equipped with 8 completely independent mobile test probes,4 probes on each side, to do demos and point out all the innovative performances.

Thanks to the third generation of linear guide technology, the Seica Flying Probe Test Systems are able to achieve very high speed with the maximum accuracy and measurement repeatability.

Register now ( and attend the IPP Technology Days, in addition to demo with the 8-probe system, you will have the possibility to receive comprehensive information about Seica Flying Probe systems and be able to view videos showing the high technological level achieved by Seica in 35 years of activity: and, in particular  the new PILOT VX platform.

The Pilot VX raises the bar of flying probe test performance, with cutting-edge solutions that address the fundamental concerns of electronic board manufacturers looking to optimize their investment. One major concern is cost, and since time is cost a reduction of up to 50% in test time due to the new state-of-the-art mechanical performance and motion control saves you money. The Pilot VX has 12 multi-function test heads providing the capability to contact up to 44 points simultaneously, technologically advanced measurement hardware, new microwave-based measurement techniques and optimized VIVA software enables the parallelization of different types of tests, saving even more time. The platform also includes smart analysis capabilities, together with algorithms based on the principles of artificial intelligence, which can automatically optimize the test flow in run-time, while maintaining test coverage targets.

PILOT VX: Fast, Powerful and Smart… the future of Flying Probe test.

About Seica S.p.A.
Founded in 1986, Seica S.p.A. is an innovative, high technology company that develops and manufactures leading-edge solutions for the test and selective soldering of electronic boards and modules. Moreover, Seica provides battery test solutions, automotive electronic board test solutions, infotainment test, as well as electric vehicle inverter and battery charging station test systems. Seica has fully embraced the concept of Industry 4.0, developing solutions to monitor and collect information from machines and industrial plants to enable the optimization of manufacturing processes, maintenance and energy management.

Company headquarters are located in Italy, with direct offices in USA, Germany, China, Mexico and France.