DuPont (NYSE:DD) Microcircuit and Components Materials (MCM) business today announced a strategic collaboration with Kuprion Inc. to launch the ActiveCopper™ thick film paste suite of products to the electronics industry.

“The addition of the ActiveCopper™ suite of products enhances our robust thick film paste portfolio and enables us to further create new solutions for the electronics materials market,” said Fallyn Flaherty-Earp, global marketing leader, Microcircuit and Components Materials, DuPont.  “The Kuprion team brings 13 years of R&D and formulation experience to these product lines. Combined with MCM’s extensive technical knowledge, we will be able to create unique and innovative solutions for our customers in key growth areas.”

Thick film pastes and inks developed with ActiveCopper™ maintain excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, while helping to address the effects of thermal expansion during the processing of and usage in electrical circuits and components. Another added benefit is the ability to effectively “tune” the thermal expansion of the copper for optimal performance and reliability when matched with a variety of materials such as ceramics, silicon, silicon carbide, and more.  ActiveCopper™’s family of pastes and inks provide solutions for a wide range of applications such as via fills, die attach, EMI shielding, conductive adhesive, and more.

Advantages of ActiveCopper™:

  • High temperature operating range
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High reliability; no migration or creeping
  • RoHS compliant
  • Bonds strongly to virtually all available substrates
  • CTE matching to a variety of ceramics and other materials
  • Room temperature storage and shipping

“Our closer collaboration with DuPont, a world leading technology and solutions provider, is part of our key initiative to drive our products to market,” said Kuprion Inc. CEO Nick Antonopoulos “This partnership delivers the strength, certainty and service quality that is demanded by our customers. Right now, we are diligently working with DuPont and our customers to drive innovative solutions to the electronics industry. Together with DuPont’s products, solutions, and support, we improve our ability to deliver solutions to customers, with localized technical support.”

This announcement kicks off a series of product releases for the Advanced Packaging market that will be coming from MCM throughout 2022 and beyond.  Visit the DuPont booth 3233 at IPC APEX EXPO 2022 January 25-27 in San Diego, CA or at LOPEC Hall E booth 408 March 23–24, 2022 in Germany or visit to learn more.