Machine Vision Products, Inc. (MVP) will be demonstrating its capability for inspection and metrology across a broad range of applications in SMT and MicroElectronics. This will be supported on its two core platforms, the 900 and Versa Series of AutoInspectors. The 900 platform is designed for microelectronics applications while the Versa is aligned to SMT and SPI inspection.

MVP will be exhibiting on booth 739 at the IPC Apex Expo 2022 in the San Diego Convention Center between January 25-27.

“Today complex assemblies are becoming more prevalent in the Electronics Industry; It is becoming more common to have multi-height assemblies with SMT, Die, Wirebonds on the same substrate.” said Dr. George T. Ayoub, President of MVP.  “Equipped with excellent resolution sensors the Versa and 900 platforms are both capable to do an excellent job in Inspection and Metrology across all the Applications. In addition, MVP’s new 8.0 software release unifies the inspection and metrology capabilities across 2D and 3D sensors in one user-friendly quick set-up interface. Combined with the MVP AutoData suite of Software, both platforms are equipped to assist the customer with traceability and to play a critical role in process control, yield and performance improvement.”

900 series platform MVP
900 series platform MVP

Dr. Ayoub added, “MVP has added key automation options on these platforms, equipping them with 2D/3D sensors like high resolution, high Megapixel cameras, Line profilers and Microscope cameras. In addition, the platforms can be augmented with Magazine loaders, Wafer handling robots/ loaders, Stack loaders, Vacuum supports and other Material Handling options, making the 900 and Versa series the most versatile in the SMT and back-end Semiconductors markets. With these capabilities, MVP ensures that the Quality is always Elevated for its customers over a broad range of Applications and Industries.”

To maintain their high performance and productivity, the 900 and Versa series are supported by a global comprehensive service network.

For more information about the new capabilities, and to learn more about the applications on the systems beyond what is described here, please contact MVP directly for more info by enquiring on its website or talking to any of its representatives in the show.

About MVP
MVP develops industry-leading inspection and Metrology equipment and services for the SMT and backend Semiconductor industry. In Collaboration with our customers across the globe, our team of engineers have continued to advance the state-of-the-art and offer innovative solutions that have been applied across many customers and industries.