DELO will host half a dozen webinars in the first half of 2022. Various aspects of the joining process will be covered, from the basics of bonding technology to dispensing options and light curing tips.
When it comes to multi-material joints, bonding has become essential. Thanks to their multi-functional properties, adhesives are ideal for industrial series production, especially in view of the increasing trend towards miniaturization. This often requires the development of sophisticated, individual solutions for a wide range of applications. Since knowledge about this subject is dealt with rather briefly in technical studies, but is necessary in practice, experts from the DELO Academy provide a basic understanding of it in regular webinars.
They cover both knowledge and more specific aspects, such as the acceleration of dispensing processes or the surface pretreatment of metal. The DELO webinars are called TECH TALKS – a mix of impulse lecture and subsequent dialog with the participants to address more detailed questions.
The following topics are on the agenda at DELO in the first half of 2022. Only the webinars that are held in English are listed:
  • Basics of Bonding Technology (April 12, 03:00 pm CET)
  • Dispensing 100 times faster: Screen and stencil printing of adhesives(January 20, 11:00 am CET)
  • Six engineering tips to improve your UV curing process (February 1, 09:00 am CET, May 12, 09:00 am CET)
  • Dispensing technology – fast and precise application (February 10, 05:00 pm CET)
  • Optimal pretreatment for metals: How to increase the bond strength with laser (February 17, 11:00 am CET)
  • Bonded connections in construction: Design guidelines for joins using adhesives (March 1, 11:00 am CET)
  • Surface pretreatment (April 7, 09:00 am CET)
  • New adhesives in electric motors: Bond strengths of more than 20 MPa at +180 °C (June 9, 03:00 pm CET)
For more information on the individual webinars, visit Registrations are possible there from now on.
About DELO Industrial Adhesives
DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives with its headquarters in Windach near Munich, Germany, and subsidiaries in the USA, China, Singapore and Japan. In the fiscal year 2021, 820 employees generated sales revenues of EUR 167 million. The company’s special adhesives are now found in almost every car and mobile phone as well as in aircraft. DELO’s customers include Bosch, Daimler, Huawei, Osram, Siemens and Sony.