The Murray Percival Company, the award-winning leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry, is pleased to announce that it now represents Anda Technologies’ conformal coating, plasma treatment, curing ovens, and full line solutions.

“We’re excited to add Murray Percival Co as our newest manufacturers’ representative,” commented Brian Stumm, Business Development Manager at ANDA. “The company has an outstanding reputation in our industry and we’re confident they’ll help us expand sales of our Conformal Coating, Dispensing and Plasma Treatment system.”

Winner of the 2020 NPI Award, 2019 GLOBAL Technology Award and 2019 Mexico Technology Award, the Anda AP-3 Series are advanced atmospheric pressure plasma treatment machines that are equipped with servo motors and a high-speed ball screw linear actuator system for accuracy. For the first time ever, the AP-3P will be showcased at IPC APEX EXPO later this month in San Diego, CA. As standard, the AP-3P machine is equipped with a single plasma nozzle situated above the substrate to treat, clean and activate surfaces from the top side only. Also available as an optional model, the AP-3DP utilizes dual plasma nozzles top and bottom (single nozzle above and single nozzle below substrate) two nozzles working simultaneously while performing their own independent plasma treatment motion path or program.

Plasma treatment removes static electricity and contaminants such as fine dust, oil, grease, microbial organisms, and both organic/inorganic compounds while also providing surface modification which facilitates adhesion of various coatings and/or adhesive materials. Additionally, plasma treatment promotes the flow of coatings for thin-film coating without other mechanical or chemical treatments required.

The Murray Percival Company recently was awarded Distributor of the Year by the Global Technology Awards from Global SMT & Packaging Magazine.

About Murray Percival
Murray Percival Company is a third-generation family-owned business that has been in business for more than 60 years. It offers thousands of assembly equipment and production supplies as well as the industry’s leading process enabler.