Cogiscan, the leading connectivity and TTC (Track, Trace, Control) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, is thrilled to announce the addition of iTAC Software AG’s MES/MOM Suite to their overall product offering. Acquired by the iTAC Group in February 2021, Cogiscan and iTAC have since worked very closely together to leverage synergies to offer the most comprehensive smart factory solutions to electronics manufacturers globally.

“Adding iTAC to our product portfolio allows us to expand both the depth and breadth of our factory digitalization offerings to manufacturers,” commented Mitch DeCaire, Director – Business Development at Cogiscan. “With this expansion, I am proud to share that we remain committed to a modular and scalable approach. Our customers will still have the freedom to pick and choose the products, either iTAC’s or Cogiscan’s, that specifically address their smart factory goals and needs.”

Incorporating iTAC’s MES/MOM Suite into Cogiscan’s overall product offering expands Cogiscan’s reach deeper into the factory with solutions to help customers with box build and final product assembly. Cogiscan’s offering now supports the entire scope of elements needed for a smart factory – from the ground floor with machine connectivity all the way to a fully integrated MES/MOM platform.

The complete range of solutions include modules for IIoT and machine connectivity, material and manufacturing control, quality management, traceability, dashboards and reporting, business intelligence and analytics, data modeling for AI integration, MES/MOM functionality, as well as advanced planning and scheduling.

Collaborating since 2010 on joint customer installations, iTAC and Cogiscan have a demonstrated history of successful integrations in electronics manufacturing factories around the globe. With complementary solutions in the SMT industry, it seemed a natural evolution for Cogiscan to incorporate iTAC’s offering into their portfolio, specifically for customers in the Americas.

“With the integration of iTAC’s solutions to Cogiscan’s portfolio, both of our customers will benefit in more than just one way: Cogiscan’s SMT technology and deep domain knowledge complete our iTAC.Workbench in a way that it is very beneficial. Additionally, iTAC’s MES/MOM functionalities serve as a perfect add-on for Cogiscan’s customers for work order execution for the entire plant, including back-end processes,” said Peter Bollinger, CEO at iTAC Software. “Together our two companies come together with one joint mission: to support our customers’ smart factory.”

About Cogiscan
Cogiscan is the leading connectivity and track, trace and control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry. Cogiscan’s scalable IIoT platform perfectly integrates with all major equipment types and is highly configurable to enable a personalized solution to each customer’s specific production needs. With installations around the globe, Cogiscan’s solutions have helped to transform and optimize manufacturing operations in over 450 factories.

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About iTAC
iTAC Software AG, an independent company of the mechanical and plant engineering firm Dürr, provides internet-enabled information and communication technologies for the manufacturing industry. Founded in 1998, the company is one of the leading MES/MOM providers. The iTAC.MOM.Suite is a holistic Manufacturing Operations Management that is used worldwide by companies in different industry sectors such as automotive, electronics/EMS, telecommunication, medical engineering, metal casting and energy. Additional services and solutions for implementing IIoT and Industry 4.0 requirements complete the portfolio. iTAC Software AG is headquartered in Montabaur, Germany and has offices in the USA, Mexico, China and Japan and has a worldwide partner network for sales and service. ITAC’s philosophy is to connect people, data and systems.