The news is full of constantly new, improved products and services that require microelectronics. STI Electronics, Inc. has the ability to be your sole partner, from concept to finished product. STI’s Microelectronics Packaging Lab was established to meet the rising need for advanced systems development and packaging to address the emerging challenges and issues facing today’s electronics assemblies.

Advanced design and modeling software enables STI to design and develop highly integrated hardware to meet shrinking form and fit factor requirements as well as increasing thermal loads. Emerging packaging materials are continuously evaluated to optimize electrical and thermal performance.

The microelectronics lab specializes in state-of-the-art packaging design and microelectronics assembly including current technologies such as Chip-On-Board (COB) and Multichip Module (MCM) as well as emerging technologies including STI’s patented packaging technology termed Imbedded Component/Die Technology (IC/DT®).

STI’s involvement in research and development programs, both in component packaging technologies and electronics assembly manufacturing, has brought about the installation of the latest, most advanced equipment and the acquisition of the top people in this field. STI is staffed to design, develop, assemble and test a ruggedized electronics assembly in an advanced cleanroom laboratory (Class 1000/ISO Class 6 certified) to meet its customers’ specifications.

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About STI Electronics, Inc.
Since 1982, STI Electronics, Inc. (STI) has been a full service organization providing electronics contract manufacturing, electro mechanical box build, microelectronics lab (clean room), rework & repair services, material failure analysis, analytical lab services, circuit design, testing, prototype manufacturing services, training services, training materials, online training, and custom courses.

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