Thermaltronics USA, Inc. is pleased to announce that LeeMAH Electronics has made the TMT-9000s the standard soldering iron at its Dallas, TX facility. Additionally, is the vendor of choice for their source. Scott Fillebrown, Principal at Southwest Systems Technology, Inc. was the manufacturers’ representative.

LeeMAH Electronics is a global electronics manufacturing service company founded in 1971. The company offers manufacturing and test solutions to OEMs with high-mix and low-medium volume needs. LeeMAH utilizes the same processes and similar equipment and test sets in all of its locations to provide seamless migrations and hybrid solutions for its customers.

LeeMAH selected the TMT-9000S based on its safety and quality ratings including ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 and certifications in TuV, GS, NRTL and CE. Additional factors included price, ability to hold temperature settings and local stock through

Robert Smith, LeeMAH Plant Manager commented: “We are an AS9100 certified facility so we need a very accurate soldering station without spending a fortune. We found exactly that with Thermaltronics through”

The TMT-9000S is based on Curie Heat Technology which responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material. The soldering and rework station offers high thermal recovery and performance with dual switchable soldering ports.

This equipment is autonomously capable of collecting and utilizing data for production processing, which is one of the most important factors necessary to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 standards.

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