Boston Semi Equipment (BSE), a global semiconductor test handler company, announced today that it received multiple orders from a major automotive IC supplier. The orders are for BSE’s Zeus gravity test handler configured for high power IC testing applications, along with enhanced high voltage upgrades to increase the peak voltage level of Zeus handlers already in production.


The Zeus handler is designed to enable the highest voltage levels available in a production handler for testing MOSFET, IGBT, GaN and SiC power semiconductors. The BSE high voltage solution provides superior voltage isolation with a voltage range up to 8.4kV RMS (11.8kV peak). Handling solutions for voltages up to 14kV peak are in development.

Zeus Handlers Deliver Highest Test Voltages Possible in Production


“Boston Semi Equipment’s high voltage handling capability within the Zeus handler delivers industry-leading performance backed by 25 years of experience,” stated Kevin Brennan, vice president of marketing at BSE. “The Zeus high voltage solution provides high-isolation, ideal contacting conditions for accurate partial discharge testing, and safety features our customers require when validating the performance of packages that handle thousands of volts. BSE handlers are interfaced with high voltage testers at production sites worldwide, ensuring the quality of our customers’ devices.”


The Zeus High Voltage handler is available in configurations from one to four sites with octal configurations possible. Safety features throughout the handler ensure safe operation.  Zeus offers the features and performance needed by today’s power IC test cells at a more affordable price than the competition and is backed by Boston Semi Equipment’s worldwide service team.