High-mix, low-volume contract manufacturing companies face challenges to integrate their RFQ process into their ERP. CalcuQuote and Cetec ERP partnered to address this issue by building two-way API integrations between both applications.

Through this integration, contract manufacturers will have the opportunity to send an updated BOM directly from CalcuQuote’s quote engine to Cetec ERP. This includes looking up parts to reduce duplicates, creating parts where necessary, associating AVLs together for more efficient use of inventory, filling in part information such as description, and managing the revision changes on the BOM. Cetec ERP will take over from there to process new order entry, communicate work instructions and organize workflows.

Then, CalcuQuote’s ShopCQ, a purchasing software designed for contract manufacturers, will read the netted demand from Cetec’s MRP, instantly identify current market stock and pricing, help you select vendors and issue purchase orders. A master record of the purchase order will be automatically sent by ShopCQ to Cetec ERP for inventory tracking and accounts payable.

On the other side, Cetec ERP has embedded component search capabilities directly in their part management module. Cetec users will be able to instantly search dozens of suppliers for the latest stock and availability information without ever leaving the part master screen.

“We believe that this integration with Cetec ERP will save hundreds of hours in redundant data entry and create a more agile business,” says Chintan Sutaria, CEO of CalcuQuote. “This type of integration is a game changer for an industry that has previously been operating under siloed processes.”

“CalcuQuote dramatically streamlines both Quoting and Purchasing activity, automating much of the redundant work and letting our users focus on providing value,” says Taylor Wagen, COO of Cetec ERP. “The ROI is almost immediate as the automation drops right into the workflow – it couldn’t be easier!”

For more information, join Chintan Sutaria and Taylor Wagen on Tuesday, November 9th at 10AM CST for a live webinar showcasing this integration, and what users can expect moving forward. Click here to register now.