The SMTA organization has been a great global networking tool for many years. Many organizations benefit from the numerous events and educational opportunities and the ability to connect with industry leaders and experts. KYZEN has consistently supported and attended most SMTA-sponsored events globally over its 25+ years as members.

KYZEN believes in the mission of the SMTA and exemplifies that mission by volunteering in many leadership roles and national committees including:

  • Tom Forsythe – Previous Board Member
  • Fernando Rueda, Americas Manager – Capital Chapter, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ethan Mueller, Regional Manager – Heartland Chapter, Vice President
  • Mike Bixenman, Vice President – Huntsville Chapter, Technical Committee (Appointed)
  • Ter Chuen Loy – Penang Chapter – President
  • Jack Reinke – Space Coast Chapter, Secretary
  • Luis F. Gazcón Melchor – Guadalajara Chapter, President
  • Olga Martinez – Juárez Chapter, Secretary
  • Debbie Carboni – Philadelphia Chapter, Vice President and Previous Board Member
  • Jody Saultz – Tampa Chapter – VP of Membership
  • Ronnie Teoh – Penang Chapter – Committee Member, Previous Chapter President
  • Sherry Stepp, Global Marketing Manager – Huntsville Chapter, VP of Membership, Member Marcom Committee

From event sponsorships, technical papers, presentations, webinars, and the development of the Women’s Leadership Program, you are sure to see a KYZEN team member hard at work.

“Participating in various SMTA programs and events is something that KYZEN looks forward to each year and takes pride in,” said Tom Forsythe, KYZEN Executive Vice President. “We enjoy connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. This past year KYZEN has missed its normal routine of attending as many shows as possible. However, with a continued priority of remaining safe, the company is looking forward to getting back to what they love and continuing their work with the SMTA.”

Looking forward to SMTA International and the 2022 event season? Make sure to check the SMTA website and the KYZEN event page to stay up to date on these awesome opportunities.