Winonics Brea, an Additive Circuits Technologies, LLC company is pleased to announce its “Facility Master Plan.”

Winonics has set out to differentiate itself by investing approximately $3.9 million in to a facility-wide renovation plan that includes extensive equipment and technology upgrades along with infrastructure improvements that are grounded in the principles of lean manufacturing and lean six sigma disciplines.

The Facility Master Plan offers a vision into advanced technology PCB fabrication with the expectations of creating a world-class PCB manufacturing facility and a research and development center for the company’s patented additive manufacturing technology.

“We are investing in our four pillars; equipment and technology, people, process, and methodology,” said David Torp, Winonics’ CEO.  “When fully executed the plan is transformative and will set a new standard for PCB manufacturing; placing Winonics among the top advanced technology providers in the country.”

The plan, which will support Winonics’ strategic plan priorities and facilitate the commercialization of the company’s additive manufacturing technology, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

About Winonics
Winonics was founded in 1967 as a manufacturer of rigid multilayer printed circuit boards serving the commercial marketplace. The Company’s 54-year legacy has been built on delivering great Customer Service and shipping Quality Products.
Winonics was acquired by Additive Circuits Technologies in July of 2020.  Subsequently, the Company is undergoing a transformational change devised to elevate capabilities, process, and methodology in order to support new product development and mission-critical applications in aerospace and defense industries, life-critical medical devices, next-gen automotive safety, autonomous driving sensors, RF/Microwave/mmWave communications and enabled 5G connectivity.

About Additive Circuits
Additive Circuits Technologies develops critical manufacturing solutions for advanced technology interconnects for the Defense, Aerospace, and Telecommunications markets.  Product applications include Radio Frequency through Millimeter Wave transmissions, Ultra-High Density Interconnects to support ultra-fine pitch BGA devices, Waveguide structures, and planar and non-planar Antennas.