Guadalajara, Jal- Repstronics began in the industry in 2003.  With 18 years of experience we continue in search of new challenges and the commitment to always offer cutting-edge and innovative solutions in the manufacturing industry.  Our mission is to offer manufacturing solutions for all industries through projects in which we represent worldwide leading brands, with the aim of optimizing processes, reducing production times, and improving quality.

Throughout these years we have managed to consolidate our brand with our knowledge in the industry, with the strength of our projects and the fulfillment of the promise offered to our clients.  Thanks to our values such as honesty, continuous improvement, and professionalism of our team, we have earned the trust of our customers and business partners.

In these 18 years we have managed to expand throughout Mexico and  USA, including Middle America.   We have one of the most equipped demo rooms in Mexico and a team of strategically located specialists, which allow us to be closer to you and your projects, to offer you the best attention.

Our solutions cover the areas of SMT, electronics, harnesses and cables, cleaning, electrical tests and inspection, assembly, laser marking, dispensing – in most industries such as; Automotive and Transportation, Electronics, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Aviation, Medical, Industrial, Lighting and Military among others.

Ignacio Lopez, CEO of Repstronics said, “At Repstronics we are convinced that we are more than a company that offers equipment or products – we offer Manufacturing Solutions!  We have specialists who  identify the needs of the client, and make recommendations for equipment or products which will improve their processes.   Whether it be quality, time, costs, accompanied by an after-sales service, spare parts, we have qualified and certified personnel to ensure the equipment and products work in the appropriate manner .”

We are part of the most important associations in the industry at a national and international level, and every year we are present at their events such as SMTA, Expo Manufactura, MRO, Wire Expo, etc. with the intent that our solutions are closer to you to review.

We will continue to evolve, but at the same time, preserving our essence as a reliable and committed company, which is characterized by offering the best Manufacturing Solutions.

Thanks to our customers, partners, and friends for your trust in these 18 years!

As part of our celebration on September 29th, we want to invite you to the webinar “Explore the Depths of your Process” in collaboration with Koh Young, the leader of True3D inspection. In this webinar you’ll be able to learn how the 3D in-line DPI and thickness measurement for transparent materials works!

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