Insituware LLC, the developer of the first smart measurement solution for quality control of materials, announced its plans to exhibit at the SMTA Empire Expo & Tech Forum. This event is scheduled to take place Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021 at the RIT Inn & Conference Center in Henrietta, New York where the Insituware team will demonstrate its revolutionary materials control device, the Vision MARK-1.

Insituware’s groundbreaking technology measures the fitness for use of solder paste, conformal coating, and more. The Vision MARK-1 has changed the daily world of electronics manufacturing and brought quality control to a new level by providing clear indicators if materials are fit for use.

The Vision MARK-1 device is currently enabling OEMs in automotive, aerospace, defense, and medical to take control of their materials, improve manufacturing efficiency, and prevent materials related defects. EMS companies are gaining proof of materials control and traceability to validate their product quality to these customers.

The Vision MARK-1’s ability to ensure materials consistency before and during use in volume manufacturing helps to increase throughput, improve accuracy and repeatability, and provide materials traceability to meet the requirements of various quality standards.

The handheld Vision MARK-1 device is powered by analytical sensors, machine learning, and cloud-based technology to bring materials control solutions right on the factory floor. Insituware continues to develop new materials control solutions for manufacturers to help them drive towards Industry 4.0.

Insituware is revolutionizing the way we control materials! For more information, visit