After an almost two-year break due to the pandemic, the eagerly awaited first international industry meeting with numerous exhibitors – hailing mainly from Europe – is an important indicator for the state of electronics production. The industry has already recovered significantly after the coronavirus downturn and is taking off with new ideas, technologies, and solutions. At productronica, held from 16 to 19 November at the Munich Exhibition Centre, Rehm Thermal Systems will present the highlights of its product portfolio and show how eight processes can be turned into an infinite number of possibilities. Come along! The Rehm team would be delighted to see you at Stand 335 in Hall A4.

Rehm will be presenting the following systems at productronica 2021:

VisionXP+: Top quality and maximum flexibility: that’s what the convection soldering systems of the Vision series stand for. The most powerful system, the VisionXP+, now makes convection soldering with or without a vacuum even more efficient! At productronica, we will present the highlights of VisionXP+. Besides already proven EC fan motors, the use of which makes the system both quieter and more sustainable, these also include reduced nitrogen consumption as well as the cooling zone.

In addition, an instrument for monitoring thermal profiles during soldering is integrated into the VisionXP+ via the ViCON system software: ProMetrics. It checks how well the previously created profile corresponds to the required, predefined specifications. The process window index (PWI) ascertained in this way is a statistical measure that quantifies the quality of a thermal process. This is mostly determined by the specification of the solder paste and the most heat-sensitive component. The following applies as a general rule: the lower the PWI, the better the profile and thus the more efficient and stable the process. The generation of real-time data for each component allows the exact determination of the assembly position and reliably detects any deviations or delays in the soldering system. Process changes can thus be detected immediately. This leads to the greatest possible reliability in the calculation of the temperature profile of an assembly. This means errors in data transmission to a higher-level system, such as MES, can be excluded and are available centrally in the MES for each assembly. Uniform logging in the ViCON ensures the necessary transparency and traceability. Repeated maintenance of data is not necessary and the susceptibility to errors is significantly reduced.

CondensoXC: The CondensoXC condensation soldering system is a space-saving, powerful system – making it ideally suitable for laboratory applications, small series production and prototyping. The injection principle of the CondensoXC enables precise profiling, while the inert atmosphere also ensures optimum soldering results. Void-free soldering can also be carried out easily with the vacuum option – thereby increasing the reliability of assemblies significantly. With its small footprint, the CondensoXC is specially designed for small series and is ideal for prototype production. As a batch system, it can be used flexibly, irrespective of the production environment.

Nexus: The Nexus contact soldering system from Rehm Thermal Systems guarantees best results in reflow soldering processes using contact heat under vacuum. This enables the Nexus to meet the highest requirements in the field of advanced packaging and power electronics. The contact soldering system under vacuum is also best suited for void-free soldering of different components (e.g. IGBT) on DBC substrates. The substances are usually joined from different raw materials under vacuum at temperatures of up to 400 °C. For a stable, reliable and flux-free soldering process, the inert carrier gas (N2) can be enriched with formic acid (HCOOH) and routed into the process chamber. The formic acid bubbler has a level control to ensure the saturation level remains consistent (saturation level of the N2 gas depends on the level in the formic acid bubbler). The Nexus thus not only benefits the soldering process, but also all other thermal processes. 

ProtectoXP/XC: Our selective Protecto conformal coating and dispensing system protects sensitive electronic assembly groups against damage by corrosion or other environmental influences such as humidity, chemicals or dust. The core of the Protecto systems is its coating management in conjunction with nozzle technology. Up to four coating applicators are used – with diverse options. At productronica, we will be presenting the Protecto systems with our ViCON system software. Via a touch control interface, the ViCON Protecto can be operated through various gestures. Another feature of ViCON Protecto is the direct import of ECAD data or image files. It’s also possible to access the software from a variety of devices.

RDS UV drying system: Declining cycle times during the coating process today require faster hardening times, which can be optimally implemented with the help of UV drying systems. Rehm Thermal Systems responded to this trend by developing the new RDS UV, a compact dryer, especially for hardening UV coatings and UV adhesives. UV coatings are solvent-free, and therefore particularly easy to process and environmentally friendly. They are increasingly used as corrosion protection for electronic components in the automotive industry. They are also used in the cosmetics and household appliance industries, and for musical instruments as well.

We look forward to speaking with you! Visit us at Stand 335 in Hall A4!

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