New, advanced electronics are being developed daily. STI Electronics, Inc. not only has the tools and equipment needed but also possesses the knowledge and experience to assist with product from start to finish.  STI is a full-service organization providing electronic contract manufacturing, training, consulting, laboratory analysis and prototyping.

At STI, product quality is the top objective. All processes are governed by a quality system certified to AS9100 with manufacturing and inspection in accordance with IPC J-STD-001 (Space Addendum).

BGA devices are 100 percent X-ray inspected, and X-ray images are available upon request. Flying probe testing is available to detect any opens and shorts on the assembly as well as to provide statistical analysis for device tolerances. Final inspection and packing is performed by IPC-certified inspectors with 10+ years in past performance experience with critical hardware. STI has 30+ years in past performance building mission-critical Class III circuit card assemblies (CCA).

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