CalcuQuote  is delighted to officially announce the addition of Steve Vecchiarelli, who will be joining the global CalcuQuote team in an advisory capacity. With 40 years of distribution experience, Vecchiarelli adds to the depth of electronics supply chain experience at CQ.

CalcuQuote customers can expect an increase in new and innovative ideas, more and closer supplier partnerships on the CQ platform, and a continued focus on reinventing the supply chain with increased digital connectedness.

“I am focused on forming relationships with senior leadership at the supplier level,” says Vecchiarelli. “I see my role as facilitating a discussion between my personal experience within the EMS industry, CalcuQuote’s exceptional tools, and the customer’s needs for digital transformation.”

With a focus on applying process and technology solutions to the electronics supply chain, CalcuQuote is digitizing old processes, and assisting customers in rethinking productivity. In rewriting the script that has defined the EMS industry for years, CalcuQuote helps customers re-establish and re-define productivity baselines.

Looking at the ever-volatile industry, Vecchiarelli foresees a bright future for companies like CalcuQuote. “Challenging the status quo ​​is always a struggle, and I see that as the primary obstacle the EMS industry has faced as we enter into the age of digital transformations. We need to embrace the paradigm shift between human thought and machine process implementation – the two shouldn’t be at odds, they should be collaborative. CalcuQuote is the leading thought-leader in this type of mindset and implementation. CQ utilizes the industry language of today, but is constantly innovating to prepare for the future of the EMS industry in the years to come.”

About CalcuQuote
CalcuQuote provides quoting and supply chain software for the EMS industry. With a focus on the future, CalcuQuote improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the quoting and supply chain process by optimizing operations and implementing sustainable digital solutions. Founded in 2014, CalcuQuote currently serves over 150 EMS companies and is based in Dallas, Texas.

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