NEOTech, a leading provider of manufacturing technology and supply chain solutions for brand name OEMs in the industrial, medical and mil/aero markets, is proud to announce receiving the Town of Westborough’s Outstanding Achievement in Stormwater Management & Water Quality Award at its Westborough, MA site. This award highlights NEOTech’s commitment to the corporate responsibility and diligence of being environmentally conscious. The Westborough team met and exceeded the Town of Westborough’s stringent requirements for stormwater management and water quality.

NEOTech Westborough Stormwater Management Award 21

The NEOTech team takes its responsibility seriously and does not diminish the importance of doing all they can to protect the environment of the communities they work and live in. That’s why when the Town of Westborough contacted NEOTech’s facilities manager at this site with a list of requirements to the property grounds that work to reduce area flooding and improve water quality, the company’s response was immediate. Among those requirements, but not limited to, are:

  • Remove and manage over-vegetation from drainage swales, detention basins, and drainage outfalls
  • Remove and manage any trash from drainage swales, detention basins, and wetlands
  • Maintain and clean on a regular schedule all catch basins, leaching catch basins, and oil/water separators
  • Ensure paved street gutters are free of vegetation, trash, or sediment

 We all live here in the Westborough community… this is our home, and home to our families and friends. We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and make our community a better place for our children and their children,” stated James Howe, Vice President of Operations at NEOTech Westborough. “Our NEOTech team in Westborough excels every day at engineering and manufacturing the highest-quality products for some of the nation’s premier OEM’s in the Aerospace and Defense industry, as well as the Medical Device industry. But we also excel at being diligent to the task of protecting the environment. I am so proud of our Westborough team and their accomplishments.

With over 40 years of heritage in electronics manufacturing, NEOTech specializes in high-reliability programs in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Medical Products, and High-Tech Industrial markets. NEOTech is well recognized as a premier EMS provider with in-depth experience manufacturing high-tech products and managing stringent U.S. government requirements.

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