Rehm Thermal Systems to appear at the EPP InnovationsFORUM and ‘Wir gehen in die Tiefe’

They’re back. The first face-to-face events for a long time are taking place again – including the EPP InnovationsFORUM in Leinfelden in July and the ‘Wir gehen in die Tiefe’ seminar in Leipzig in September.

Rehm Thermal Systems will be attending and speaking at both events: at the EPP InnovationsFORUM, Michael Hanke (chief sales officer for Rehm) will talk about ProMetrics, a software tool for monitoring thermal profiles during soldering, while at ‘Wir gehen in die Tiefe’, Gianfranco Sinistra (product sales for Dispensing | Coating) will give a presentation about Rehm’s versatile solutions relating to conformal coating.

‘Wir gehen in die Tiefe’ seminar, 2019 (image: Rehm Thermal Systems)

‘Wir gehen in die Tiefe’ seminar, 2019 (image: Rehm Thermal Systems)

Thanks to the steadily falling incidence rate along with an appropriate hygiene concept, the EPP InnovationsFORUM can now take place as a physical event – on 7 July 2021 at the Filderhalle in Leinfelden. The success in previous years has made this event one of the most important industry meets, where specialists can learn from one another, exchange experience and listen to talks by leading experts.

For Rehm Thermal Systems, Michael Hanke (chief sales officer for Rehm) will give a talk on ‘Perfect profiling and monitoring’. With ProMetrics, Rehm Thermal Systems has a software tool for monitoring thermal profiles during soldering. This checks how well the previously created profile corresponds to the required, predefined specifications. The process window index (PWI) ascertained in this way is a statistical measure that quantifies the quality of a thermal process.

Since the number of participants will nevertheless be restricted due to the ongoing coronavirus regulations, the talks will also be offered in a streaming version. Interested persons can thus decide whether they wish to attend in person or would prefer to listen to the topics that interest them online.

By using the partner code rehm21IFD interested parties can participate in the EPP InnovationsFORUM free of charge. Registration for the event is online and is available at EPP InnovationsFORUM 2021 (

Following the forced cancellation of the event in 2020, the seminar on the latest trends in assembly and connection technology, ‘Wir gehen in die Tiefe’, will be held as a face-to-face event once again this year. The venue will run from 21 to 23 September 2021 at the Penta Hotel, Leipzig. In twelve specialist talks, plus direct experience exchange with high-level specialists and other colleagues, the seminar provides a comprehensive overview of which technologies look set to hold the greatest prospects for success. The keynote speaker this year will be Joey Kelly, with a talk entitled ‘NO LIMITS’.

For Rehm Thermal Systems, Gianfranco Sinistra (product sales for Dispensing | Coating) will speak on Wednesday 22 September at 11.15 on ‘Dispensing and coating for the protection of electronic assemblies’. Coating technology in the electronics industry continues to advance. The many materials and application methods are specifically tailored to the assembly being manufactured. It can be easy to lose sight of all the possibilities. In this talk, the speaker will explain how choosing and implementing appropriate procedures need not be unnecessarily complicated and how the perfect material application can be achieved in just a few steps.

Registration for ‘Wir gehen in die Tiefe’ is online and available at