Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ron Lasky, senior technologist, will host a webinar on the fundamentals of Weibull distribution and analysis on Thursday, July 29 at 8 a.m. San Francisco/11 a.m. New York/4 p.m. London on Indium Corporation’s webinar program, the InSIDER Series.

The Weibull distribution was invented by Swedish engineer Waloddi Weibull in 1937. He published his paper on the subject in 1951. Although Weibull Analysis was initially met with skepticism, it is now used across many disciplines. The distribution describes cumulative failure rates and is often used in survival or reliability analysis of products. In contrast with binomial, normal, or Poisson distributions, the Weibull distribution can be reliable even with a very small sample size. This is very useful, as failures can be costly and dangerous, so large failure samples cannot be obtained. In this webinar, Dr. Lasky will provide an overview of the Weibull distribution, its variables, the types of data required, and the interpretations that can be drawn from a Weibull distribution.

Dr. Lasky’s webinar is offered as part of Indium Corporation’s free webinar program, the InSIDER Series. You can register for his webinar at

Dr. Lasky is a senior technologist at Indium Corporation, as well as a professor of engineering and the director of the Lean Six Sigma program at Dartmouth College. He has more than 30 years of experience in electronics and optoelectronics packaging at IBM, Universal Instruments, and Cookson Electronics. Dr. Lasky has authored six books, and contributed to nine more, on science, electronics, and optoelectronics, and has authored numerous technical papers. Additionally, he has served as an adjunct professor at several colleges, teaching more than 20 different courses on topics ranging from electronics packaging, materials science, physics, mechanical engineering, and science and religion. Dr. Lasky holds numerous patent disclosures and is the developer of several SMT processing software products relating to cost estimating, line balancing, and process optimization. He is the co-creator of the Surface Mount Technology Association’s (SMTA) SMT Process Engineering Certification program and exams that set standards in the electronics assembly industry worldwide. Dr. Lasky was awarded SMTA’s Founder’s Award in 2003.