Microtronic GmbH, a leading sales specialist of microelectronics, is pleased to introduce the new Automated & PC-Controlled D&L Automator for Dip and Look. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the new system meets IPC-J-STD-002 and 003 Standards.

Automated equipment has always been required for Dip & Look testing but has largely been ignored. With the proposed new requirements to demonstrate active wetting while testing using traditional Dip and Look Techniques, the use of a tweezers and stopwatch is no longer acceptable.

Parameters for dipping include temperature, immersion speed and depth, dwell time and withdrawal speed. The high precision D&L Automator provides repeatable dipping of the specimen. With a built-in PC with Windows 10 and easy-to-use touch screen for settings and operation, the system is durable and reliable.

The D&L Automator comes with a tool to automatically measure the bath level and light curtain to automatically measure the length of the test coupon.

For more information about Microtronic or to schedule a product demonstration, visit www.microtronic.de.