Austin American Technology (AAT) is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the installation of a Mega ION® SA at KYZEN’s Applications Lab in Nashville, TN.

The Mega ION SA is the perfect addition to KYZEN’s Applications Lab for cleaning test requiring a semi-aqueous process. The Mega ION SA rinses with de-ionized water rather than using a solvent to both wash and rise.

Ram Wissel, KYZEN’s Technology Manager stated, “KYZEN is excited to add the Mega ION® SA to our Nashville Applications Lab. This semi-aqueous wash provides an efficient alternative for devices that are sensitive to high-impact energy aqueous spray or ultrasonics. Today’s challenging flux residues are removed by matching them with the optimal solvent-based cleaning agent and a simple water rinse.”

KYZEN’s Applications Labs are equipped with the latest analytical equipment and staffed with a team of highly trained chemists to provide support to our customers worldwide. These resources are key to ensuring your process is and remains a robust process by profiling the wash bath and providing guidance for corrective action if necessary. KYZEN’s Applications Labs provide its customers with unparalleled laboratory services to see them through a wide range of problems.

The Mega ION cleaning system is designed for high reliability applications requiring product cleanliness verification (IPC ROSE Testing). It is used for final clean prior to conformal coat, encapsulation or other sealing operations used to protect electronic modules.

Science and Care truly Converge in KYZEN’s Applications Laboratories located around the world.

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