Kodiak Assembly Solutions LLLP, a leading contract electronics manufacturer, announces that it successfully provided its services to keep an Austin, TX-based network appliance manufacturer’s production continuing without interruption.

In 2020, the customer was notified that its current contract manufacturing (CM) partner was closing due to unforeseen circumstances in a very short time period. The customer needed to qualify a new CM quickly to keep production moving forward.

Kodiak Assembly Solutions was chosen for the task. It was able to transfer material from the previous CM in a timely manner and quickly build prototype units for customer qualification. Just as the qualification was completed, the customer booked a large order that included component procurement (some at 16-20 week lead time), manufacturing, assembly and test, all to be shipped prior to year-end. Vice President Mike Harlow said that through team-oriented communication on a weekly basis, Kodiak Assembly Solutions was able to compress supply lead-times to a point where the job was completed before the Christmas holidays.

The customer was pleased and added, “As a new engagement, Kodiak Assembly Solutions did a fantastic job of communicating throughout the process of procurement (expediting), assembly and test to produce a 100% quality product in time for a significant positive impact on year-end revenue.”

Over the last 16 years, Kodiak Assembly has established a reputation for its high-quality, first pass yields and on-time deliveries. The company offers PCB assembly, test and system integration capabilities out of its world-class facility in Austin. Its expertise and flexibility allow for the effective production of a great variety of products. Additionally, Kodiak Assembly is built around the idea of being able to quickly begin production of high-quality electronic products while also sticking to the most demanding schedule.

For more information about Kodiak Assembly Solutions, visit kodiakassembly.com