Austin American Technology (AAT) is pleased to announce that it has added the NanoJet™ Inline Electronics Cleaning System to its Virtual Demo Room. The NanoJet delivers a high energy design less than 6 ft in length.

The smallest inline cleaner in the industry, the NanoJet is ideal for those companies that have outgrown their batch cleaner or are looking to add a second batch cleaner. High-density assemblies can be effectively cleaned at line speeds in a footprint similar to closed-loop batch systems.

Austin American Technology’s breakthrough advances in cleaning technology bring Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) to the NanoJet™ inline Cleaning System resulting in cleaning power unequaled in its class. Developed using complex modeling techniques, this innovative approach to cleaning ensures that each progressive stage in the process optimizes mechanical, thermal, and chemical energy to achieve the best possible performance.

Capable of both water and aqueous chemical cleaning applications, the NanoJet inline system also offers easy accessibility and simple maintenance to maximize up time and productivity. Optimized impingement force and flow management give the NanoJet inline cleaning system the power to out-perform other machines in its class in tough applications with low-standoff height components.

Test and evaluate all of AAT’s advanced cleaning technology in the new Virtual Demo Room

 AAT’s new fully Virtual Demo Room is equipped with all of the resources needed to properly test your applications to ensure that all specifications are met.  In addition to testing, AAT’s Demo Room has gone fully virtual conducting Live Video Demonstrations of its industry-leading cleaners to assist clients with virtual installations and maintenance requests using high-definition digital cameras, professional lighting, microphones and videography equipment. With the Virtual Demo Room, the team at AAT has been effectively interacting with current and potential clients more than ever before.

To learn more about any of Austin American’s products, visit the new online demo room:

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