MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global leader in specialty materials for electronics, announces the release of EVABRITE WS1 and WS1-E water-based anti-tarnish systems for tarnish protection of functional silver surfaces and connectors.

The EVABRITE brand is recognized in the industry as a highly effective silver anti-tarnish. These newest formulations in the series are designed to adhere to upcoming regulatory changes and do not contain OPE’s / NPE’s. The EVABRITE WS1 is a single-component immersion-based process while the WS1-E is a two-component electrolytic process. Customers can utilize either process depending on part design. The nanometers thick coating of EVABRITE WS1 and WS1-E offers lasting protection to the silver surface while not greatly impacting the contact resistance of the silver deposit. The baths are stable, easy to maintain, and are compatible with reel-to-reel and rack/barrel applications. For applications where protection of solderability is required, the coating maintains excellent wetting performance after exposure to multiple lead-free reflow cycles.

“We developed the EVABRITE WS1 and WS1-E specifically to be drop-in replacements to existing silver anti-tarnish processes that may soon come under environmental regulation. As a key supplier and partner to the electronics industry, we are focused on delivering sustainable solutions that meet or exceed environmental standards to the various supply chains during this time of supply uncertainty.” said Rich Bellemare, Director of Electrolytic Metallization, Circuitry Solutions.

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