Since the manual stencil printer printALL005 went on sale in summer 2015, the system has been in constant demand. Over the years there have been repeated requests for a larger system, which was met in many times with a custom made solution. In order to meet customer requirements, Fritsch has now decided to include a system in a larger version with usable area 490 x 280 mm – the printALL005L – in the product portfolio.

Due to the solid basic construction, also our new printer stands for the highest print quality. The easy handling of the printer provides a clean and reproducible print even with small components and fine structures of 0,5 mm Pitch. The print orientation is made fast and precise in X, Y, and theta axis by turning knobs. The parallel separation of PCB and stencil guarantees a clean and perfect print image.

Our printer is offered with a universal stencil tension frame in which a wide variety of stencils can be used. The tension is effected from two sides and there isn´t any perforation necessary for holding the stencil. Alternatively is a support rail available to hold solid aluminium frames or common quick-change-frames. Double-side printing is also possible by using the magnetic fixture.

The printALL005L has now got a squeegee guide, this alternative squeegee guide was designed to support the user. Especially with longer circuit boards it helps to keep the squeegee movement constant. Different squeegees are available.