Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.®, a leading producer of high-performance adhesives, sealants, UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing systems, today announced a new application for its Fusionbond 374. The 100 percent solid, room temperature cure, versatile structural adhesive will offer rapid, high strength and high impact resistant bonds to a variety of substrates within minutes.

The application answers a need in mobile phones manufacturing and solves the problem of laying micro-beads of adhesives with two-part adhesives. As the diameter of a bead decreases into the 200-250-micron range, two-part ratio dispensed products encounter difficulty ensuring a consistent mixture through traditional mixing methods such as static mixing wands. The result is significant changes in material ratios and bead properties across the bead line. This is a particular issue for high ratio adhesives such as 10:1 methyl methacrylate (MMAs) materials. MMAs are a preferred choice for this due to their fast curing, clarity for glass bonding and high bond strength with impact resistance.

Hernon is proud to announce a solution to this issue. Hernon’s Fusionbond 374 is being used effectively to create beads in the 200-250-micron range. With an activator sprayed on to the substrate prior to bead placement, the bead cures in place with consistent properties throughout the line including clarity, high strength and impact resistance.

While Fusionbond 374 is an established MMA product with numerous other applications, the two-part, no mix nature of this formulation makes it a strong fit for micro bead applications. Both parts are applied without the need to precisely control the ratio in a mixture. The result is a reliable adhesives bead with less material and lower weight for improved technical specifications.

Hernon also offers the dispensing equipment to dispense this material in microbeads as well, providing a total solution for this application.

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