The Murray Percival Company, the leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry, today announced the sale of a Kurtz Ersa HR-550 BGA Rework System to Acromag, Inc.

Acromag is an international corporation that combines more than 60 years of process monitoring and control experience with a solid background in high-tech computer design.  Established in 1957, Acromag built its reputation designing critical measurement instrumentation equipment for the petrochemical and aerospace industries. The company has been recognized internationally as a leading designer of analog and digital control products for the industrial I/O and defense OEMs markets.

“Before we purchased the Ersa HR-550, we were unable to complete BGA rework in house and it was causing significant time delays,” commented James Platte, Quality Assurance Manager, Acromag.  “When Matt Percival approached us with the HR550, the demo of the system showed superior technology, and the software demonstrated ease of use over other systems we had looked at, so we decided to move forward. Since adding the HR550 to our line, we are now able to rework BGA style components here, which is reducing downtime.”

Ersa’s award-winning HR 550 Hybrid Rework System offers high performance with camera and software, as well as assisted assembly placement, high-precision mechanics and a completely operator-friendly user interface.  Ersa rework systems have proven themselves to be the undisputed leaders in handling the largest variety of rework applications. From the smallest 01005 up to the largest SMT connector (150 mm), from SMT Flip-Chips to THT Pin Grid Arrays, from BGA on flex circuit to stacked BGAs and from metal shields to plastic processor sockets, Ersa technology handles it all.

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