The use of different fluxes often harbored a potential for defects due to cross-reactions. In particular, the use of water- and alcohol-based fluxes in one production process was subject to this risk. Emil Otto has now become the first manufacturer to develop a uniform activator system for water- and alcohol-based fluxes, based on the wave or selective soldering flux EO-G-003.

“After we succeeded in developing a corresponding alcohol-based rework flux with the same activator system for water-based fluxes EO-G-003, we have achieved another innovation breakthrough. We can now offer identical activator systems as alcohol-based rework fluxes for all existing water-based fluxes. Emil Otto has thus made another quantum leap and impressively underscores its position as a quality and innovation leader in the flux sector,” explains Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales Manager at Emil Otto GmbH. Water-based fluxes have not previously been recommended for hand soldering or rework due to slower drying characteristics. However, customers who use EO-G-003 for wave or selective soldering wanted to have the same activator system for hand soldering, to prevent cross-reactions of the different fluxes, if necessary. For this reason, the Hessian manufacturer is developing the first, uniform activator system for water- and alcohol-based flux applications. This consisted of the water-based flux EO-G-003 and the alcohol-based EO-RF-G003.

“Until now, it was not chemically possible to dissolve the activators of water-based fluxes in pure alcohol. However, we have now succeeded in doing so, and we can now offer a flux that is 100% pure alcohol but contains the same activators as the water-based flux,” explains Geßner. If customers use water-based fluxes for wave and selective soldering, but use the new fluxes of the EO-RF series for manual soldering, rework, strand tinning or cable assembly, they do not have to fear any cross-reactions. This risk minimization is an advantage that greatly simplifies the use of different fluxes. Especially in these applications, a short drying time is important, which is why alcohol-based fluxes have been favored by many users for this purpose. Due to the same activator system, these short drying times can now be guaranteed. “The innovative solution is unique to date. However, we have now completed this development for all water-based fluxes from our company. Cross-reactions are thus a thing of the past,” says Geßner.

About Emil Otto
Since 1901 “Emil Otto” stands for top quality. As owner-managed company, Emil Otto is committed to the development and manufacturing of high-quality fluxing agents. In particular the fluxing agents for electronics production, strip tinning, radiator manufacture as well as for galvanizing are used by market leaders at home and abroad.

Over the years, reliable products and a high level of customer care have become a hallmark. The manufacturing takes place in accordance with the latest standards, the quality- and environmental management system has been certified for many years. Emil Otto responds with high flexibility to customer requests. Special products or product adaptations are developed and implemented in collaboration with system manufacturers and institutes. More information: