Enics celebrated the inauguration of its new manufacturing site in the virtual Enics EXCELeration event on April 20th, 2021. The site located in Senai, Johor is Enics’ first manufacturing site in Malaysia and in South-East Asia. 

The construction of Enics new manufacturing site in Malaysia took place during 2020, and was not slowed down by the COVID-19-related restrictions. The factory has already produced its first PCBAs and is ready to expand its production to full high-volume electronics manufacturing. 

“Malaysia has long record for being an excellent host country for international investors and it’s one of the global hubs for Electronic Industry in South-East Asia with also global reach. We started our Malaysia project in March 2020, in the middle of the first wave of the pandemic. Due to circumstances over the course of last year we have built the factory fully remotely, still in very short time and without any compromises on workmanship and quality of execution. Clear vision and mission, solid knowledge about and experience with Malaysia as a place to invest, a professional partner working with us and the strong dedication and commitment of Enics teams have been the enabler of this achievement’’, tells Enics Chief Operations Officer Udo Streller. 

“The Malaysia manufacturing site compliments Enics presence in Asia and gives us and our customers new opportunities in South-East Asia and even beyond. We count on Regionalization to secure the supply and assure quality of deliveries, being where our customers are. We offer to our customers supply chains which are agile and short, serving our regional set up for development and manufacturing. 

The regional approach serves not only reliability of supply chains but also helps in reducing our carbon footprint. Our future is sustainable and smart”, comments Enics President and CEO Elke Eckstein. 


 The 10.000 sqm Enics Malaysia manufacturing site is located in iPark industrial park in Senai, Johor, adjacent to Johor Bahru and Singapore. The site offers high-volume electronics manufacturing, serving customers in the industrial electronics segment. 

For more information, please contact Chief People and Culture Officer Susanna Kohisevankoski, susanna.kohisevankoski@enics.com , tel. +358 40 7015375. 

About Enics
Enics is the partner of choice for professional electronics in the fields of energy, industrial automation, transportation, building automation and instrumentation. As one of the largest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers in the world in the Industrial Electronics segment, Enics helps industrial OEMs to optimize their value chains and improve their competitiveness through increased productivity and product reliability as well as decreased time-to-money and total cost of ownership. Enics provides end-to-end EMS services ranging from engineering, full-scale manufacturing and after sales services to sourcing and supply chain management. Enics’ world-class offering includes fast prototyping, new product introduction, cost reduction services, test system development, printed circuit board assembly, box build, system assembly, as well as repair and maintenance.