In order to coordinate the national and international sales activities as well as the worldwide project business even better, the specialist for customized soldering automation expands its staff with the experienced sales expert Axel Wolff.

“We are pleased to welcome Axel Wolff, a recognised specialist and outstanding networker in the field of PCB-soldering,” says Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of Eutect GmbH. Wolff has been working as a sales representative for various machine manufacturers in the electronics industry since 2000. Initially, his sales activities focused on pick-and-place-automation but since 2012, Wolff has been involved in soldering assemblies. “After dealing exclusively with soldering systems from the areas of reflow and vapour phase technology in recent years, I am now very excited about selective soldering. Eutect is known for its high level of innovation and open mindset when it comes to finding technical solutions. To be part of this and to be involved in developing customer-specific solutions was the decisive factor in accepting Matthias Fehrenbach’s offer,” explains Wolff. Furthermore, he is looking forward to Eutect’s close cooperation opportunities. “Especially through the cooperation with Emil Otto and Feinhütte Halsbrücke, there are interesting opportunities in sales that need to be exploited,” Wolff explains further.


For over 20 years, soldering and joining systems have been developed, manufactured, installed, and programmed at EUTECT as well as at customers operating worldwide. The Swabian team of experts offers an extensive, constantly evolving module construction kit for process solutions in the field of soldering.

Process-related and commercially optimal modules for the task description will be selected from a wide variety of soldering-technology process modules and combined into proven stand-alone, revolving, or inline production designs for complete solutions.

The EUTECT module construction kit shows that a slim, individual solution comprising proven building blocks for a customer product’s task description can often be achieved via individual modules or free combinations.

A technologically comprehensive, innovative EUTECT technical center is available for optimal solution through evaluation or the manufacture of A-B-C prototypes ready for serial production.

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