MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global leader in high performance electronics materials, officially opened a Greater China Die Attach Application Center on April 1st, 2021. The advanced technology and application center will house technical service and lab personnel, equipped with state-of-the-art die attach assembly and process equipment.

Rick Frick, Vice President and General Manager of the Semiconductor Solutions division, described the new facility and its impact, “With MacDermid Alpha’s unique role as a leading packaging materials supplier to all steps of the electronics manufacturing supply chain, this multi million dollar investment to build a leading edge application’s center is an important next step in enabling our customers to meet their design goals. With these new capabilities, we will foster not only local, but also regional development of advanced Die Attach applications and high-volume manufacturing processes. Additionally, the facility enables collaboration of MacDermid Alpha’s suite of technologies including IC substrate processes, advanced assembly polymers, metals and fluxes and wafer metallization in a way that optimizes every material within an electronic device.”

The applications center houses advanced die attach assembly and testing equipment for high volume process optimization and the most advanced component designs using our innovative paste and film products. The second floor also houses our panel level packaging applications laboratory with capabilities for the testing of solder balls, micro solder spheres, reflow metrology, and a fully functional tool for wafer level tin bumping. Production-scale wet processing equipment lines are located on the third floor, along with a complete chemical analysis laboratory containing high-precision instruments for comprehensive customer service.

Jack Mook, General Manager APAC, Semiconductor Solutions, further commented, “We are confident through these investments and new capabilities that we can assist regional companies in achieving their goals and allow new advancements in the semiconductor industry as a whole.”

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