Atlanta, GA – Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, will participate in a free smart factory panel on Tuesday, 30 March 2021 at 10:30AM EST. Register today to secure your seat in the virtual event and understand how to incorporate your older inspection equipment into a smart factory to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Koh Young pioneered True3D Inspection technology over 20 years ago with the goal to create a zero-defect future. Today, our systems leverage our proprietary AI engine and deep machine learning to convert measurement data and inspection results into knowledge and autonomous adjustments. For sure, current equipment is smarter and more powerful than ever before, but manufacturers are still using legacy equipment in full production. Does this mean you cannot capitalize on the smart factory movement? Not necessarily.

The journey towards a smart factory requires the integration of existing and legacy equipment, but how can legacy equipment be adapted and what data should you try to extract? These questions and more will be answered by an expert panel, including Ivan Aduna, a featured panelist and MES Software Developer at Koh Young America.

“With increasing frequency, our customers as asking me about how to incorporate their older Koh Young inspection machines into a smart factory,” said Ivan. “Thanks to our strong support of the IPC CFX initiative and our recent IPC-CFX-2591 qualified product listing, I can give them an easy solution. What’s more, when combined with our KSMART process control software and smart factory gateway, production becomes smarter, faster, and better.”

Register for the FREE webinar here or at If you cannot attend the webinar and LIVE Q&A session, the broadcast will be available within 24-hours at Plus, you can learn more about Koh Young and its best-in-class inspection solution technologies, including our Smart Factory Solutions by visiting our new regional website at