Scienscope International, a leading American supplier of cabinet style micro-focus X-ray systems, introduces the Reel Smart™ Incoming Material Stations (IMS): The Reel Smart Lite (IMS-100) and Reel Smart Pro (IMS-200).

The integration and management of components is critical when trying to achieve a “smart factory.”  Scienscope IMS system provides integration from start to finish with accurate and complete data of all material processes and procedures.  Many packed components are received with labels from manufacturers’ barcodes, a distributor’s barcode, a forwarder’s barcode, the customers’ barcode, etc.  When received it can be difficult for the person scanning to pick the correct barcode to scan. Any incorrect reading can lead to an inventory and manufacturing process nightmare.

Scienscope Reel Smart IMS 100

Incoming material system-100 (IMS-100): The high-resolution barcode camera system has an image-based algorithm that reads any barcode, even with defects. It reads and stores the information of four 7” reels simultaneously. As one reel is removed, a unique identification number label is printed, archiving reliable data that can be easily and conveniently traced.

The IMS-100 allows for EMS/ERP integration in seconds. It captures multi-codes quickly and without errors, allowing seamless integration of any material. Additionally, it helps automate the incoming goods process and boosts productivity dramatically.

Incoming material system-200 (IMS-200): This system  (pictured at top) is an updated system that includes an automatic loader and label placement that reduces the time and need for labor dramatically.  It includes all the of amazing features of the IMS-100.

All Scienscope systems are designed to save time and labor.  Count on Scienscope to provide an accurate and speedy inventory count.

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About Scienscope International

Scienscope was founded in 1994 to meet the growing need for reliable and affordable general-purpose optical and video inspection solutions for the electronics and PCB industries. The company began with basic stereo zoom microscopes used for SMT inspection and rework of circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies with a commitment to quality, value and support. Over the past 25 years, Scienscope has evolved to become a complete inspection solution provider, offering both offline and inline X-Ray systems, Video coordinate measurement systems, Video inspection systems, and microscopes to meet a wide variety of applications and manufacturing quality requirements.