Nathan Trotter is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation and training on the most recent addition to its line of solder bar and wire extrusion presses located at Plant 2 in Coatesville. Jan Laube, owner of Hydron Unipress, recently travelled from Poland to visit the plant to help Nathan Trotter move its third press from the test phase into full-scale production.

The new machine had a ten month build time in Poland and is one of the first of its kind to have an ingot-shaped billet chamber to allow for extrusion directly from ingot into the desired bar or wire form. This new technology will further streamline the solder manufacturing process at Nathan Trotter and keep the company on its path as the most efficient high-volume producer of solder bar and wire in North America. Nathan Trotter produces the full range of electronic solder alloys for use in all wave and selective solder applications.

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Nathan Trotter New Extrusion Press

As the largest importer of tin in North America, Nathan Trotter offers industry-best pricing and flexible purchasing programs. Nathan Trotter also offers a leading-edge solder recycling program through its reclaim division, Tin Technology and Refining, that provides customers with maximum value for their solder scrap including dross and oxide, pot dumpings, paste and solder debris.

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