Trotter Controls, a leading provider of product design, system integration, and repair services for the automation and aerial firefighting mission equipment industry, has partnered with Austin American Technology for their batch cleaning needs and purchased an AquaTHERM 9100.

Trotter Controls operates with a goal of having a very small carbon footprint, and needed to make sure no water goes to drain during batch cleaning. AAT built a custom water treatment cabinet that was delivered with the machine, allowing it to convert to a 100% closed loop unit-meaning zero discharge to drain. This eliminates any potential issues with EPA compliance due to the use of lead bearing solder paste commonly used in the aviation industry.

“The small footprint of the machine as well as its ability to completely clean our high reliability / high value boards make it an ideal addition for our high mix, low volume production needs,” commented Aurelio Munoz, Senior Production Test Engineer, Trotter Controls. “We expect the machine will pay for itself in labor savings as well as better quality due to reduced contamination on our PCB assemblies.”

Ideal for printed circuit boards, semiconductors, subassemblies and process tooling, the AquaTherm™ brings flexible, unparalleled cleaning performance to the batch process. Additionally the AquaTherm™ 9100 features a built-in chemistry metering pump, allowing the system to utilize a wide range of modern cleaning agents. With supplemental high temperature capability the system is capable to reduce chemical consumption while maintaining high product cleanliness and throughput.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Trotter Controls was founded in 2004 with the mandate to offer a higher level of integration and quality for OEM and automation control systems than are commonly available through most system integrators. The focus of the company is provide turnkey embedded circuit board level products for OEMS and system integrators in addition to turnkey control systems, hydraulics, and mission equipment for the aviation industry.

In focusing on specific product development and the production of electronic, hydraulic, and electro-mechanical products for OEM customers, Trotter Controls aims to you find a solution that meets your unique application.

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