To meet customer’s demands for increased reliability, ABchimie has developed a new flexible, single component and solvent free resin that cures under UV LED lights. These advantages provide good adhesion on many substrates. ABchimie100K-UV LED can be applied in thick layers. Its drying process is immediate, under UV lights, allowing fast productivity. This resin ensures the local protection of the components, especially against humidity and high electric pressure. It also can be applied to bring robustness to your systems.

It is already used for high-end French equipment to protect high voltage areas against metal dust and vibrations.

• Flexible resin,
• Resistance to humid and thermal environments,
• Excellent adhesion on various substrates (PCB, plastics, etc.),
• VOC Free,
• Ultra-fast polymerization under UV LED exposure,
• Polymerizes up to 5 mm thick,
• Reduced floor space compared with solvent bases solutions,
• High speed process, increases productivity

ABchimie is continuing its UV LED product development to meet new market demands within the industry: more speed, more safety, more simplicity.
ABchimie100K-UV LED strengthens the 2020 range with peelable UV, a temporary mask that cures in just a few seconds.

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