Incap Electronics Estonia opened a new SMT production line in Kuressaare factory, which enables to change the production equipment according to the clients’ needs. The new production line will maintain Kuressaare factory’s capability to produce electronics in a modern and flexible way.

Incap Estonia invested EUR 2.1 million in order to replace two production lines with one new one. According to Greg Grace, Managing Director of Incap Estonia, the investment is financed with technology guarantee renting. “This means that our capability to offer suitable products and services to our customers becomes even more flexible. Electronics manufacturing companies prefer technology guarantee renting more and more, as this allows them to maintain their competitiveness,” Grace explained, why production needs to be constantly rearranged in order to meet the needs of customers’ new or changing projects.

Previous investment by Incap Estonia was done in 2017 in SMT (surface-mount technology) production line offered by SMT-Renting. “This investment has really paid off, as we increased our production capacity and were able to offer our customers more flexible solutions. With the rented line, we can constantly upgrade production lines with new technologies according to customer needs. That is why we decided to make another investment to increase our competitiveness,” Grace explained.

Grace added that although the company was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic this year, the global trends of the industry are positive for Incap. “People are using more and more electronics and we see that customers are interested in moving the production closer to home markets – so more and more production is moving from China to Europe. These trends also give us the courage to make the investment,” Grace said.

Mayor of Saaremaa municipality, Mikk Tuisk: “I am very pleased to see that one of our largest industrial companies is doing well. Electronics have become an integral part of our daily lives and I believe and hope that this line opening will not be the last. I wish you all the best and successful investments in the future as well.”

As an international electronics manufacturing company, Incap offers electronics solution produced using the latest technology. Incap’s electronics can be found for example in smart meters, in light electric vehicles on the streets, in smart led lights in Estonian different regions as well as in the machinery of the world’s most famous marine company or in the systems of the most well-known elevator manufacturer. Battery banks produced in Incap can also be found on Estonia’s first hybrid passenger vessel Tõll, which serves passengers on the Virtsu-Kuivastu route.

For more information contact:-
Greg Grace, Managing Director of Incap Estonia, tel. +372 5163643
Otto Pukk, President and CEO, tel. +372 508 0798

Incap Corporation is a trusted partner and full-service provider in Electronics Manufacturing Services. As a global EMS company Incap supports customers ranging from large multinationals and mid-sized companies to small start-ups in their complete manufacturing value chain. Incap offers state-of-the-art technology backed up by an entrepreneurial culture and highly qualified personnel. The company has operations in Finland, Estonia, India, Slovakia, the UK and Hong Kong and employs approximately 1,300 people. Incap’s share has been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd stock exchange since 1997.