The TECHNIDOT is a new CNC dispensing robot that automates the deposit of solder pastes (classes 4, 5 and 6), glues and fine greases both in the laboratory and in industry.

The main advantage of this machine is to allow the deposit of very precise quantities of fluids, while improving the productivity of this operation.

This robot consists of a 3-axis TECHNODRILL-type robot on which a very high quality MUSASHI ® brand dispenser has been mounted.

• Dispensing type: time/pressure
• Automatic lozenges recognition
• Very ergonomic and easy to implement
Standard working stroke 320 x 310 x 60 mm
• Immediate Learning
• Compatible with all file types HPGL, ISO, EXCELLON, GERBER, GCODE, DXF, …
• Driver software GALAAD 3 (with free updates) – KYNON
• Integrated electronic control case
• Z-axis mobile probe included
• Protective cover and low-voltage lighting included


The TECHNIDOT is an automated 3-axis CNC solution for precise applications of different viscosities.

• Easy installation and programming via learning box or file import
• Faster card cycles and processing
• Easy integration into any manufacturing process
• Reduces production, material and possession costs
• Robust and reliable structure
• Reduced space requirement
• The machine is delivered complete including a KYNON – GALAAD license, a MUSASHI ® dispenser, a PVC martyr plate, a tool probe, a camera, a set of 4 nozzles from 0.2 to 0.5 mm in diameter, a syringe holder, an adapter 10 cc syringe, one 30/50 cc syringe adapter

You can find this machine now in our CIF demonstration space in Buc in Yvelines and on our website at in the Assembly / Equipment for SMD section

For more information contact CIF at +33 1 3966 9683, by email at and on the website