StaticStop, a division of SelecTech, Inc., and leader in the manufacture of innovative ESD flooring products that save time and money, now offers its SelecTile ESD™ flooring in gray. SelecTile ESD™ is the most durable, resilient, and portable ESD flooring product available. The flooring can be installed with no downtime, no prep, and can even be installed over carpet.

SelecTile ESD™ flooring is a free-floating surface with a unique interlocking tab system. These static-control flooring products install quickly and easily without the need for adhesives, copper strips, underlayments or padding. SelecTech’s static-control systems were uniquely engineered to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments that require the highest level of electrostatic discharge protection, and still withstand industrial environments, including fork truck traffic.

SelecTile ESD™ is made with a minimum of 20% recycled materials, and is the only ESD conductive flooring of its kind that can contribute to LEED™ Credits.

Recently, all SelecTech’s ESD flooring tiles were tested by the same company that NASA uses for testing. Both FreeStyle ESD and SelecTile ESD passed with excellent results. This reiterates that SelecTech’s flooring provides the most stringent ESD protection even for the most sensitive environments including high-reliability device manufacturers. SelecTile ESD tiles also meet all ANSI 20.20 standards.

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Mat Kits (2, 4, 6, or 8 tiles with edging and a grounding kit) can be purchased through Digi-Key:

About StaticStop

StaticStop is a division of SelecTech, Inc., which was founded in 1993 with the mission of creating valuable products from scrap plastics. The company is a leader in the manufacture of flooring products from recycled materials and uses one million pounds of recycled materials annually. Their FreeStyle ESD and SelecTile ESD products are made with recycled content and are 100 percent recyclable. Both FreeStyle ESD and SelecTile ESD are installed without adhesives making them some of the “greenest” and most cost-effective flooring products available. The unique interlock system on StaticStop’s flooring products enable them to be installed at a much lower cost, without a lot of costly downtime, which provides significant value to customers. StaticStop interlocking flooring tiles are the only ESD products available that have no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, and problem subfloors.

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