Issue 63 | Jan/Feb 2024

Inside this issue

Cover Feature | An Interview With HS Jo, Business Director, Pemtron

Special Feature

  • A Confluence of Expertise: Lean Stream, Fuji America Corporation, and Koh Young America Unite to Unveil a New Collaborative Workspace

Technology Today

  • An Interview With Mike Walkenhorst, Senior Vice President, Packaging And Global Operations,
  • Veritiv Corporation Digital Twins: Double Power for AOI
  • Altek Electronics Enhances Electronics Manufacturing Services with Ersa Versaflow
  • Emergence of New Technology to Enable Flawless Solder Inspection
  • The Impact of Automotive Megatrends on Electronics Manufacturing and Flash Memory
  • An Interview With Tagarno’s CEO Søren Schultz
  • Latham Industries Is a Trusted Partner in PCB Manufacturing
  • Revolutionizing Operations: The Power of Supplier Partnerships, with Koh Young at IMI Guadalajara

… and Much More!