VERMES Microdispensing, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision dispensing systems, introduces the MDS 3500 Piezo Xtreme 2 based jetting systems designed for heavy duty applications and long durability.

The new systems of the MDS 3500 series are equipped with the patented VERMES Piezo Xtreme 2 encapsulated piezo actuator resulting in highest stroke and speed and perfect resistance to difficult environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations or humidity.

This advanced, innovative piezo jetting technology extends system life and withstands the most demanding heavy-duty applications, regardless of environmental conditions that can alter dispensing results over time.

In applications where it is critical that the amount of media applied is absolutely consistent, dispensing repeatability is paramount.

Exceptional stability with the latest frame technology addresses all industries that require a jetting system to deliver unprecedented contact-free dispensing of complex patterns in minimum quantities with maximum drop accuracy regardless of external factors.

The valve’s one-click release bayonet fluid box body allows screwless, tool-free removal and simplified fluid path cleaning and parts replacement while the valve remains in operating position.

This saves manufacturers maintenance time and costs and avoids critical service outages.

The valve can be outfitted with a full range of tappets and nozzle inserts with different characteristics and orifice sizes to meet the specific application requirements of the manufacturer.

These include microdispensing applications in automation and electronics, mechanical engineering, automotive electrics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, information technology and consumer electronics.

Completely flexible fluid box body positioning allows the media supply to be rotated, and the very compact valve can be perfectly adapted to a variety of tasks, including the desired dispensing direction.