Datest, a leading provider of advanced, efficient and mission-critical in-circuit testing, test engineering, X-ray inspection and nondestructive failure analysis solutions, has been awarded the prestigious 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Test Services for its Enhanced High Density Precision Geometry Flying Probe Wafer Testing Services. The award ceremony took place during productronica in Munich on November 14, 2023.

The GLOBAL Technology Awards, established in 2005, are renowned for recognizing outstanding innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries. These awards celebrate the companies and individuals pushing the boundaries of the industry with exceptional standards and groundbreaking solutions.

Datest’s Enhanced High Density Precision Geometry Flying Probe Wafer Testing Services cater to the rapidly expanding demands of large, complex algorithmic computing systems. These systems rely on high-density wafers, often forming the core of applications in drug development, genomic sequencing, epidemiological modeling, cryptography, system security, aerodynamic research, fluid flow, dynamic simulation and prediction, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other sophisticated fields that require exceptional clock speeds and processing power.

What sets Datest’s production-level flying probe wafer testing services apart is the result of a remarkable four-year effort to push the boundaries of machine limits above and beyond standard warranty-voiding thresholds. With unparalleled precision, Datest performs complex tasks such as landing multiple probes on 250µm etched pads, executing four-wire (Kelvin) impedance tests, and repeating these intricate processes on tens of thousands of test points on a typical wafer layer or wafer-based subsystem.

What initially began as an R&D project for a demanding customer quickly evolved into a service that benefits the wider OEM and EMS test market. Equipment manufacturers initially expressed skepticism, asserting that such tasks could not be accomplished, but Datest proved them wrong through its unwavering commitment to innovation. Now, those same manufacturers wholeheartedly support Datest’s accomplishments, and eagerly await the next batch of impedance test data.

Robert Boguski, President of Datest, remarked, “Datest has evolved, by customer demand, to become the ‘Why Not Supplier,’ in the sense of pushing technological boundaries beyond the limit of what is commonly understood as conventional wisdom.  Our high-density wafer testing services are but one example of this larger trend.  The journey of innovation often commences when conventional wisdom says it can’t be done.  Progress through innovation often begins with—and runs over—the word ‘no.’  We are proud and privileged to be along for the ride.”

With more than 39 years of expertise, Datest offers in-circuit testing (ICT), flying probe testing, X-ray inspection, boundary scan/JTAG testing, functional testing, failure analysis and other related analytical and laboratory services, to OEMs and EMS companies throughout the US, North America, and the world. Datest is an ISO9001:2015, ITAR and AS9100D-certified company, and a member of IPC, IEEE, EIPC and ASNT. Datest is a proud and active member of SMTA.

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