MIRTEC, ‘The Global Leader in Inspection Technology,’ announces the development of groundbreaking inspection technologies that it will unveil at productronica 2023, scheduled to take place Nov. 14-17 at the Messe München in Munich, Germany. The new systems address critical challenges in 3D inspection performance of solder joints, inspection speed for tall component inspections, and measurement range limitations, offering manufacturers the perfect solution for enhanced quality and productivity.

The Evolution of 3D AOI: Solder Joint Inspection Reinvented

The introduction of 3D AOI systems in 2011 marked a significant milestone in the electronics manufacturing industry, primarily addressing the need to detect lifted components on PCBs. As the industry evolved, so did the requirements for detailed solder joint inspection, especially in critical applications such as Automotive, Defense, and Aerospace Electronics Manufacturing.

MIRTEC’s latest innovation, the Anti-Reflection Technology (ART) system, redefines 3D inspection by overcoming the limitations of current systems. The ART system is equipped with five 15 Megapixel Cameras and four Digital Multi-Pattern Blue Moiré Projectors, providing unparalleled accuracy in solder joint inspection. Unlike traditional systems, the ART system uses multiple main cameras to capture 3D pattern images simultaneously, ensuring stability and precision even in challenging conditions like light saturation and shadow interference.

The Anti-Reflection Technology brings a new level of reliability to solder joint inspection, eliminating noise from the 3D data and providing a clear, accurate representation of the solder joint’s height and shape. The system’s unique structure ensures there are no blind spots on the solder joint, offering a comprehensive inspection solution.

TAL 3D SCAN: Elevating Productivity for THT+SMT Mixed PCB Inspection

MIRTEC addresses another industry challenge related to the inspection of tall components on PCBs. The increasing prevalence of heavy-duty components requires a solution that can accurately measure taller components without sacrificing inspection speed. TAL 3D SCAN (Tall component Analysis Laser 3D Scanner) is MIRTEC’s answer to this demand.

TAL 3D SCAN is a specialized 3D laser scanner attachment designed for precision inspection of tall components. Integrated into the PCB transport system, the attachment scans waiting PCBs on the first stage while the 3D AOI is in action on the second stage. This innovative approach reduces cycle time and increases productivity by loading inspection data from the 3D laser scanner during the inspection process.

With a height measurement range of up to 75mm, TAL 3D SCAN outperforms other 3D AOI systems on the market, providing an unmatched solution for THT+SMT mixed PCB inspection. The system achieves this without the need for Z-axis movement, ensuring inspection speed remains unaffected.

A 30% Productivity Improvement

MIRTEC’s TAL 3D SCAN not only addresses the height measurement challenges but also brings a significant productivity boost to THT+SMT mixed PCB inspection. With the ability to inspect taller components without slowing down the inspection time, TAL 3D SCAN offers a remarkable 30% improvement in productivity. This efficiency gain is particularly beneficial for PCBs with a high percentage of tall components.

While the official launch of the ART system and TAL 3D SCAN is scheduled for May 2024, MIRTEC will showcase these revolutionary products at productronica in Hall A2, Stand 461.

MIRTEC is a Leading Global Supplier of Automated Inspection Systems to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.  For more information, please visit www.mirtec.com.