In today’s fast-paced, fiercely competitive electronics industry, speed and agility are crucial to success. Innovators that can navigate design, development and manufacturing processes with dexterity and quickness stand to gain a competitive edge, seize emerging opportunities, and establish a strong foothold in the marketplace before their competitors.

Speed and accuracy of the quotation process for building PCBs and PCB assemblies are key drivers of success. Whether you require a small number of prototypes for testing and validation, or large volume turn-key production runs, obtaining fast and meticulously detailed quotes is fundamental to swift and accurate manufacturing.

PCB Trace has developed proprietary software that accelerates quoting and expedites production of electronic assemblies. Their latest version, called PCB TRACE, is the result of 7 years of advanced software refinements. It utilizes sophisticated API communication programs and advanced algorithms to extract, share and analyze data across the supply chain, revolutionizing electronics manufacturing order fulfillment processes.

PCB TRACE by RUSHPCB, quickly delivers comparative quotes from an extensive lineup of component suppliers and allows customers to choose from a wide selection of board types and assembly options. In mere minutes, PCB TRACE provides detailed information on costs and lead-times for each component, as well as entire assemblies. From simple two-sided rigid boards with through-hole components to complex 40-layer HDI surface mount assemblies with flying-probe electrical testing and conformal coating, the options are virtually limitless.

With PCB TRACE, there is no need to waste valuable time searching for prices and availability from multiple vendors, a process that traditionally takes days. Whether you are interested in obtaining quotes on bare boards, PCB assemblies or full turnkey production, you can easily secure these quotes online at in a matter of minutes.

With a simple click of the REQUEST A QUOTE button, you’ll be guided to fill-in intuitive quotation forms, select the attributes of your project, and upload your BOM and Gerber files. The application provides opportunities to add details about your project as you go, such as specifying your preferred vendors and additional services. Clear and concise prompts provide users with guidance, contributing to its ease of use. There is even a quick video tutorial that describes and demonstrates how straightforward it is to obtain a quote with PCB TRACE in minutes.

Once project data has been entered, the application communicates with a wide variety of vendors, fetching information to find the best parts based on stock, price, and lead times. The application even analyzes BOM data for part numbers that have overages, or those that are invalid or out-of-stock and reports these back, providing opportunities to make corrections by entering an alternative part number or selecting from a range of actions that include manual procurement by the PCB TRACE team.

PCB TRACE generates accurate and meticulous quotes in minutes, in an easy-to-understand pricing matrix based on quantities and lead times. The amazing result is that most PCB assemblies quoted with PCB TRACE can be built in as few as 2-3 days.

For more information about PCB TRACE contact or call (408) 580-0722.